Barker Arms

Debarker Arms

Webco manufactures a large range of replacement debarker arms for the sawmill industry today. Manufactured from high alloy materials provides our arms to give reliable and exceptional strength for longer service and reduced maintenance. We manufacture both plate arms and T-style barker arms using a carbide lead edge or hard surface lead edge.

Debarker arms are subjected to high impact loads and excessive wear while in service. The leading edge of a barker arm is critical that it is maintained properly. Our results have shown that our carbide added to the lead edge gives excellent wear resistance while maintaining a sharp edge and extending the life of your debarker arms. This helps eliminate buildup work and constant maintenance to increase production and lowering costs for your company. The tip holder on a debarker arm is as equally important as the lead edge. Good contact between the tip holder and the debarker tip is imperative.

Debarker Arm Repairs

Webco repairs damaged and broken debarker arms. In order to service you better, we only replace the parts that need to be not the entire arm.

Some common repairs are:

  • Replace/change the tool holder
  • Build up the lead edge & hard surface
  • Sharpen or replace carbide lead edge inserts
  • Replace the lead edge
  • Complete rebuild & reuse the hub

Nicholson Debarker Arm Services:

Webco manufactures all barker arms for Nicholson Debarkers.

  • Conventional Hard Surface Lead Edge available – not supplied from OEM
  • Add Carbide Lead Edge for ultimate lead edge protection for both Plate Arms and T-Style Arms
  • Multiple repairs can be done to both T-Style Arms and Plate Arms
  • We are able to re-use the Hub on a T-Style arm if the rest of the arm is broken off
  • Plate Arms can be repaired by straightening them if bent and replacing Tip Holder and Carbide Lead Edge

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Plate Arm with Carbide Lead Edge for Nicholson Debarker
T-Style Arm with Carbide Lead Edge for Nicholson Debarker
Carbide Lead Edge for Nicholson Debarker