Debarker Feed Roll Traction & Plugging Solutions

Over the years here at Webco, we’ve done a lot of experimenting with debarker feed rolls. Feed rolls are such an integral part of the debarking process since how well they handle the log as it enters the debarker can affect the log quality itself as well as the debarking machine and its parts. For example, a lack of traction …

Carbide A.R.M. Applications

Carbide A.R.M.

At Webco, we love our carbide. When it comes to long lasting durability, very few materials out there can stand up like carbide does. Carbide is mainly used on different cutting tools because it stays sharper up to 10 times longer than regular tool steel tips. This is why carbide has become widely used on debarker tips, debarker arm lead …

Behind the Scenes at Webco

Webco Mill Supply Shop Tour

The machine shop at Webco Mill Supply is constantly growing and changing. Just a couple years ago we took over the other side of our building for much needed additional space and new machines. With these new toys we’ve become a mainly self-sufficient shop, having full control over the high quality standards of work that we’ve set for ourselves. With …

New Season, New Site

Webco new website

Spring is here, and along with it is our fresh new website. We have worked long and hard to bring a new look and new ideas for you to see. Our web designer tells us that a webpage is never finished. It will and should always be changing with new ideas and innovations. We hope that when you come to …

New boxes for your Barker Tips

New Webco Debarker Tip Boxes

We decided it was time to replace some of the old boxes that carry your barker tips from us to you and back again. Our boxes have been custom built bearing our logo for recognition. They will hold up to 24 barker tips and room for as many fasteners. Thank you for your ongoing support, we appreciate your business!