debarker feed roll

Debarker Feed Rolls

Webco both manufactures new and repairs worn and damaged debarker feed rolls. New replacement feed rolls are manufactured with high alloy flights and are available with different flight options, including spikes, carbide A.R.M. and high chromium flights. We also specialize in debarker feed roll repairs and have come up with many solutions to make them even stronger and more durable than their original state. We assess the rolls and identify the extent of the wear and determine if flights require replacement or build up.

New high-speed debarkers have feed rates that can exceed 600 ft/min, which means that feed rolls require extra wear protection to withstand this harsh environment. Our current customers have experienced in excess of 18-24 months of trouble free log handling from Webco feed rolls.

Feed Roll Flight Options

Webco supplies a range of flight options for debarker feed rolls. Depending on the debarker you are using in your sawmill, we’ve found that there are different solutions that work best for each type of feed roll. It can have to do with the spacing of the flights on the roll or even whether the roll is being used on the infeed or outfeed. A few common issues our customer face with their conventional debarker feed rolls are:

Lack of Traction

Feed Roll Lack of Traction

The main purpose of the feed roll is to control the log as it enters and exits the debarker. A lack of traction can result in log spinning which causes uneccessary damage to log, debarker arms and tips, and the machine in general. Traction is especially important on the infeed where the log is entering the debarker. Many flights on the market made of lower quality material quickly wear down to a smooth surface. With this in mind, long lasting high traction is top of mind in our feed roll flight solutions.


Feed Roll Plugging

With some original designs of feed rolls, there are many flights that are spaced very closely together. This can result in clogging which reduces the traction and efficiency of the feed roll and may even require some downtime to unclog. A very effective solution to this is reducing the number of flights giving more room in between and adding more traction to the flights. Our customers have seen great success with this design, experiencing smoother log handling of their debarker.

We have three different flight applications that combat these common issues—providing excellent traction and reduced plugging, keeping feed rolls in service longer and debarkers running smoothly:

High Chromium Traction Elements

High Chromium Traction Elements have quickly become both ours and our customer’s favorite feed roll flight application. While testing this design, we’ve seen customers experience over a year of trouble free log handling with plenty of life left to live.

The deep grooves supply excellent traction and superior wear as compared to low alloy chromed flights, typically used in many applications. The contouring also helps with debris flow and helps reduce plugging.

These durable high chromium flights not only last extremely long, but by reducing common feed roll issues with traction and plugging, they support smooth operation of long feeding through the debarker. This reduces unnecessary damage to the machine and downtime to change and repair feed rolls.

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High Chromium Traction Element Flight for Debarker Feed Roll
High Chromium Traction Element Flight for Debarker Feed Roll

New High Chromium Traction Element Flight for Debarker Feed Roll
High Chromium Traction Element Flight for Debarker Feed Roll

High Chromium Traction Element Flight for Debarker Feed Roll
High Chromium Traction Element Flight for Debarker Feed Roll