Chipper Parts

Waste Wood Chippers & Parts

Webco manufactures carbide chipper anvils, anvil inserts, anvil bases and supplies clamps, holders and many other replacement chipper parts for most Waste Wood Chippers in the sawmill industry.

Anvil bases for Waste Wood Chippers are manufactured from armor wear plate for uncompromising durability.

Repairs are available for knife clamps and holders for most chipping systems including canters, edgers and waste wood chippers.

Hardened wear inserts can be installed in knife holder repairs for vital wear resistance at a fraction of the cost of new. These repairs can also be done to turn knife systems at substantial savings.

With over 40 years of combined sawmill and manufacturing experience we are your go to source for quality service and dependability.

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Anvil base and insert for CAE chipper
Anvil for precision chipper
Bed knife anvil for Nicholson Chipper
knife clamp for precision chipper
T-head anvil for Nicholson chipper