Canter Edgers

Indexable Knife System Wear Enhancement

In this section of our website you will find numerous parts for different Canters, Edgers and Slabbers. In these machines you will find chipping heads, Anvils, Bedplates, etc. In most cases you will find chipping heads to be round head or conical heads and usually run a turn knife system. These turn knife systems are run at extremely high speeds and are subjected to high wear.

Indexable Knife Systems have many components that continually wear out and are costly to replace. Webco Mill Supply through extensive research has developed a new way to make indexable knife system parts last many times longer than new original parts.

New OEM parts will be heat treated and coated with a hard spray powder that only protects the top surface. After it has been washed away the protection is gone and now the base material will wear away very quickly creating a cavity. Wood chips are damaged when hitting the cavity creating poor chip quality.

Webco Mill Supply will take worn and damaged components and install Preformed Carbide Bars creating a much thicker protective surface that will enhance the wear area. These parts will now stay in service much longer.

Because of our precision machining and surface grinding, parts are held to close OEM tolerance and can be serviced in our shop multiple times.

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Webco designed repair for Andritz knife clamp
Webco designed repair for Andritz turn knife clamp
Webco HY2 repair for counter knives and segments

Webco's HY2 repair with carbide
Knurled Rolls