Debarker Feed Roll Traction & Plugging Solutions

Over the years here at Webco, we’ve done a lot of experimenting with debarker feed rolls. Feed rolls are such an integral part of the debarking process since how well they handle the log as it enters the debarker can affect the log quality itself as well as the debarking machine and its parts. For example, a lack of traction can result in log spinning which causes unnecessary damage to the log, debarker arms and tips, and the machine in general.

With that being said, traction has become a main focus when it comes to our feed roll designs. And long-lasting, durable traction in particular. Many flights on the market are made of lower quality material and they quickly wear down to a smooth surface. Our solution to this is our High Alloy Traction Element flight design with deep grooves and high alloy material, providing long lasting traction for as long as 24 months in use.

High Chromium Traction Element

Another issue that debarking feed rolls often face is plugging. Some designs on the market have too many flights that are placed too closely together and they often get plugged up with debris which in turn reduces traction, causing a whole host of issues within the debarker. Our solution to this is reducing the number of flights to allow more space in between. One of our customers sent us some pictures of the difference between our High Alloy Traction Element feed rolls compared to an original design feed roll run at the same time which shows how the difference in design can eliminate these issues altogether:

Plugged Original Design Debarker Feed Roll with 18 Flights

Plugged Debarker Feed Roll

Webco High Alloy Traction Element Feed Roll with 14 Flights

Webco High Alloy Traction Element Feed Roll

If you’re experiencing issues with traction or plugging with your debarker feed rolls feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss some solutions with you.

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