Custom Builds & Repairs

Nobody thinks about your parts more than we do. Working on your parts over and over again, we can see where sometimes designs and engineering can be made better. Through custom improvements and modifications, we ensure you get the maximum longevity out of your parts… which is great news for your bottom line!

With our 3D Solidworks CAD software quite often we are able to make those design improvements and then bring the ideas to you. You can also bring your ideas to us and we can work together to make those improvements.


Carbide Wear Proofing

We have many different ways to help your bottom line. Using carbide is one of those ways. From installing carbide on barker arm lead edges to "V" flights on feed rolls and even your optimizer components. These are just a few ways to help get optimum life out of your parts. Ask us how to protect your Barker Arms and other parts.


Advice & Consultation

We’re here to work with you. Have a problem you’d like some help with? Need some advice on parts or equipment? We work intimately with the components of your machinery – it’s what we do everyday. So if you need some advice, call us!