Carbide A.R.M. Applications

Carbide A.R.M.

At Webco, we love our carbide. When it comes to long lasting durability, very few materials out there can stand up like carbide does. Carbide is mainly used on different cutting tools because it stays sharper up to 10 times longer than regular tool steel tips. This is why carbide has become widely used on debarker tips, debarker arm lead edges, waste wood chipper parts and many others that are exposed to such harsh conditions.

Another application that we’ve come to use a lot in our shop is Carbide A.R.M. (abrasive resistant material). This is an innovative welding process which fuses recycled carbide with a hardness range of 95RC to the surface that requires protection with a hard weld with a hardness of 65RC. This process provides the ultimate wear surface with great traction properties.

Some of the parts that we manufacture and repair that benefit the most from this application include: debarker feed rolls, hog strikers, debarker centering rolls and debarker bump rolls. Here are some examples of Carbide A.R.M. application we’ve done in the shop recently:

A repaired Debarker Feed Roll with both spikes and Carbide A.R.M.

Repaired Debarker Feed Roll with Carbide A.R.M.

A Hog Striker with Carbide A.R.M. on the lead edge

If you have some parts that you think could benefit from Carbide A.R.M., give us a call or email and we can discuss some different options that could take your machine parts to a whole new level of durability.