About Webco

A bit about us

“The core value of our company is to provide high quality parts that are built to last. Longevity and durability are top of mind in everything we do. Our goal is to reduce downtime in your sawmill and help you run as efficiently as possible.”Brian Webster, Owner

Webco Mill Supply was created in 2006 with the purpose of providing high quality sawmill parts and service at the most competitive prices. Founded in Hope, British Columbia by Brian Webster, Webco has the benefit of over 35 years experience in the sawmill industry at its foundation.

Webco specializes in manufacturing Barker Arms, Barker Tips, Waste Wood Chipper Parts, Feed Rolls, Hog Grates and offers repairs for these parts. We have found niche markets in the manufacturing and rebuilding of feed rolls for barkers. We build and rebuild parts for your canters and edgers. Our service for maintaining your barker arms and tips is second to none. We service most parts for waste wood chippers.

In 2012, Webco expanded its customer base to Eastern Canada, South America and Europe and still continues to grow. In 2014 we doubled our floor space and added machines and trades people to keep up with the demand.